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Must Have Android TV Box in Malaysia

We are all experiencing a period of profound technological change, and one development that is sweeping the globe is the use of android TV boxes. Your old television may become a smart TV with the help of this little gadget, greatly enhancing its functionality. In addition to watching local channels, you may access several streaming services like Netflix and Hulu by downloading applications. Which android tv box Malaysia is the best given the wide range of options available on the market? We have selected the most recent Must Have Android TV Boxes in Malaysia for our Best of Tech series, offering high-quality choices to match your lifestyle and price range.

 SVICloud 8P / 8S Android TVBox

This SVICloud 8P TV box is the most costly on the list. While the NVIDIA box is designed primarily for gaming, we believe the SVICloud 8P delivers better overall performance for a variety of uses, making it our top choice. If you want a high-end Android TV box for less than RM1000, it's something to think about.

The SVICloud 8P can perform everything effortlessly, from streaming 4K or 8K material (provided the app supports it) to taxing gaming chores. It is powered by an 8 core CPU and Mali-T720 GPU, paired with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM. It uses the more effective and quick Android 10 operating system, which also features a new dark mode that can assist save battery life on Televisions with OLED panels and lessen eye strain. This feature was missing from Android versions before it.

This TV box gives free, non-subscription access to its Live TV app, which has a large variety of over 1000 live channels from 13 countries and includes a seven-day replay capability, in addition to only restricting users to using streaming services on the Google Play Store. This means that despite your hectic schedule, you won't have to worry about missing your favorite Live TV program.


T9 TV Android Box

Looking for a value-priced Android TV box? The T9 could be something to think about. It makes a nice first impression as an inexpensive, modern Android TV box with a simple plug-and-play configuration utilizing an additional HDMI connection. And that is only the start. 

Although there are three storage options available for the T9 Android TV box, we advise choosing the 4GB + 32GB model. It, together with the assistance of its quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU, ought to eliminate any latency for users. The T9 has dual-band 5G WiFi and an Android 9.0 operating system, which aid in optimizing its 4K display. 

Although there are supposedly few adverts when streaming, finding your way around might be difficult. Customers have reported that learning how to switch between the remote control's default mode and mouse mode took some practice. Moreover, the remote may occasionally be unresponsive.


Xiaomi Mi TV Box S

The best possible 4K UHD watching experience is available with the Xiaomi Mi TV Box S. You can effortlessly turn on any movie and arrange your entertainment with voice control thanks to the built-in Google Assistant, which works in conjunction with the Android 8.1 operating system. 

The premium Dolby and DTS audio in this appliance allows you watching with the best three-dimensional surround sound outside of a theater. For rapid file transfers or connecting to hardware devices, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB connections are simple to make. Also, the installation just requires three simple steps, so you can start utilizing this TV box right away.


Nvidia Shield TV Pro

The NVIDIA SHIELD TV PRO is the only Android TV box you need if you want one that is designed with gaming in mind. NVIDIA has consistently led the pack when it comes to premium gaming products. They took the chance when demand for powerful gaming Android TV boxes increased.

With an NVIDIA Tegra X1+ CPU and Android 9.0 OS, there will never be any lags or sluggish visuals. It can also work with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa and features a built-in 4K Chromecast.

Fortunately, the NVIDIA SHIELD TV PRO works with PS4 and XBOX One gaming controllers as well.


FengTV box Premium Best Entertaiment Media Android Box

If you're searching for a mid-range device for less than RM500, this FengTV Box is a fantastic option. Although it is not a flawless Android TV box, it does a few tasks superior to those performed by other TV boxes in the same price range. Support for H.265 decoding, which is better for video streaming and requires 50% less bandwidth than H.264, is one of its stronger points. As a result, it will consume less bandwidth while streaming 4K material than other models that still utilize the outdated H.264 decoder.

The maker of the FengTV Box also asserts that CDN technology is used, which is known to show movies and dramas more smoothly. Moreover, built-in Dolby AC3 and DTS Surround compatibility gives you the same audio output as if you were in a home theater, and it gets even better if you add a soundbar. Also, the dual WIFI band provides a stronger 5GHz line in addition to the 2.4GHz line, which helps speed up your WIFI internet connection. The user interface runs on the Android 10 operating system.

Thursday, February 23, 2023

Pertama Kali Wakil Ping Pong Rumah Hari Sukan Jabatan Infostruktur

Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera. Nak kongsi kisah lucu tahun 2023. Kira tahun mencabar diri sendiri ke macam mana ni tak tahu la kan. Tak pernah dari sekolah ke, universiti ke masuk bertanding acara sukan. Kawan-kawan yang tahu, saya ni kaki bahasa. Sayembara puisi, bahas, wacana ,forum, nasyid tu makanan la masa zaman sekolah dulu. Kaki bangku la kiranya. haha. Alih-alih tahun ni , nama dipetik jadi wakil main ping pong pulak tu. Adui.Rasa nak buat-buat cirit birit je hari kejadian. hahaha. Praktis la seminggu main kat ofiz sebelum bertanding. Last pegang bet rasanya 30 tahun lepas. Dulu rumah saya ada meja ping pong, arwah Abah bawa balik cikgu sekolah bagi yang dah senget-senget tu dan Abah betulkan , boleh la kami main. Pernah la pegang bet tu. hahaha.Ok la . Jom la layan gambar hari kejadian. Cakap banyak pun tak guna kan. Saya dan Ad wakil Rumah Hitam untuk beregu wanita. 

Hari yang ditunggu-tunggu

Sedang beraksi

Gaya menang 

Satu-satunya kumpulan yang kami boleh beat. hahahaha. Diorang first time pegang pet hari kejadian. Kira kami senior seminggu . hahaha

With team biru beregu wanita

With team kuning beregu wanita

With team Merah dan kuning beregu wanita

Sempat lagi training

Para pengadil

Team rumah hitam. Posing sebelum beraksi

Team ping pong dan badminton

Team badminton rumah hitam

Geng main badminton kat ofiz. Semua level beginner kecuali kak mai, kak sal dan yanie je

Geng main badminton kat ofiz.

Geng main badminton kat ofiz.

Geng main badminton kat ofiz dan coach hebat , Yanie, Kak Mai dan Kak Sal

Team ping pong rumah hitam vs biru

Sedang tunggu keputusan 

11 Februari 2023 | Dewan Badminton HEP, UiTM Shah Alam

Keputusan Ping Pong :

Johan : KUNING
N. Johan : MERAH
Ke-3 : HITAM
Ke-4 : HIJAU
Ke-5 : BIRU

Keputusan Badminton :

Johan : MERAH 
N. Johan : KUNING 
Ke-3 : HITAM
Ke-4 : BIRU
Ke-5 : HIJAU

Menyumbang juga satu mata. hahaha. Dapat nombor 3 ping pong. Nanti medal dah siap kita tayang yer. hahahaha

Team Rumah Hitam

Team Rumah Kuning

Team Rumah Kuning

Team Rumah Merah

Team Rumah Biru.  

Sorry team rumah hijau tak ada gambar yang amik hadiah. haha

Gambar dah buat kompilasi kat reels kat IG. 

“Apabila salah seorang daripada kamu makan, janganlah dia menyapu tangannya melainkan setelah dia menjilatnya atau dijilat (tangan tersebut)”. Riwayat al-Bukhari (5456) dan Muslim (2031)

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Sambutan Hari Lahir Nur Nayla Hazeeqa & My Hubby 2023

Assalamualaikum. Hari ni kita kasi throwback lah .Sambutan birthday my Nayla dan my hubby untuk tahun 2023. Birthday my Nayla biasa berkongsi dengan my hubby je lah. Layan gambar sekitar birthday dua beranak ni. Meriah cara kami je. Alhamdulillah . Kek beli kat Drasani cake hauz dan my Nayla yang pilih kek. Kek kat sini sedap dan harga pun berpatutan. Yang ni tak silap tak sampai pun RM40. Cukup la buat makan kami anak beranak je pun. Nak custom pun boleh tapi kena 2 minggu awal. 

Yang diraikan, my hubby dan my nayla

my nayla

with me

with Nawfa

with Nuha

Happy birthday love 

Jarang-jarang bersemut 

Adui, bikin hal. Ada je muka pelik2

Lantak lah kome

Nayla nak botol korea warna pink. 

Belikan my hubby perfume. Gambar tak dan nak amik. hahaha

Adam bin Abu Iyas menceritakan kepada kami, Syu'bah menceritakan kepada kami, daripada Ády bin Thabit berkata, aku telah mendengar Abdullah bin Yazid al-Anshari, daripada Abu Mas'ud al-Anshari r.a., aku telah berkata, daripada Nabi SAW bersabda: "Jika seorang muslim memberi nafkah kepada keluarganya dengan niat mengharapkan ganjaran, maka baginya adalah pahala sedekah." 

Sumber : http://myhadith.islam.gov.my/viewhadiths.php?id=234

Monday, January 30, 2023

Lunch Pakatan Hari Lahir @ Pepper Lunch Malaysia Central i-City

Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera. Penutup Pakatan Hari Lahir 2022 diakhiri dengan darling babe yang terakhir, Ad ler. Mesti tahun 2023 jugak la sambutannya sebab asyik tertangguh-tangguh hujung tahun kan. Kali ni kami makan kat Central i-City. Kedai yang dipilih adalah kedai masakan jepun. Pepper Lunch Malaysia. Jom la kita masuk. Kena pilih makanan dan bayar siap-siap kat kaunter baru pilih meja untuk makan. 

Dah sampai makanan baru la kita bergambar

Dah kenapa terpotong pulak gambar kak ema

Kak Ema dan Ida

Saya dengan yang diraikan, Ad

Makanan sampai kena cepat-cepat gaul sementara plate dia masih panas. Kang dah hilang panas tak masak pun. Makanan yang sampai tu macam half cook. Perisa semua kena letak sendiri sebab rasa dia plain je. 

Ad punya dulu yang sampai

Ni saya makan . Aglio Olio Seafood.

Ni Ad makan. Beef Pepper Rice

Menu yang ada. Konsep DIY gitulah kiranya. Boleh Add on. 

Nak balik bergambar lagi. Wei kenapa gemok kat sini

Ok yang ni slim. hahahaha. Dah jom balik. 

Pepper Lunch @ Central i-City
LG-16, Lower Ground, Central, i-City Mall, 1, Jalan Multimedia 

Daripada an-Nawwas bin Sim‘an al-Ansari RA, beliau berkata: "Aku pernah bertanya kepada Rasulullah SAW tentang erti kebaikan dan dosa." Maka Rasulullah SAW bersabda: “Kebaikan adalah akhlak yang baik. Manakala dosa adalah sesuatu yang membuat hati gementar dan bimbang serta kamu tidak suka orang lain mengetahuinya." (Hadith riwayat Muslim, No: 2553, at-Tirmizi, No: 2389, Ahmad, No: 16973). 

Sumber : http://myhadith.islam.gov.my/viewhadiths.php?id=894


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