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Top 5 iPhone apps to help your kids at school

A lot of parents are faced with a challenge these days: should we prevent our kids from using too much technologies such as smartphones and tablets and focus on homework and reading instead, or should we, on the contrary, encourage our kids to use them to make sure they are up-to-date with technologies, that are an ever-growing presence in our lives? Well, the truth is: you don’t have to choose! You can for example use smartphone apps to help your kid at school. Here is a top 5 the team of smartphone specialists at PricePanda recommend.

5. Teach Me: Kindergarten

Teach Me Kindergarten is an app that focuses on spelling and mathematics exercise for kids. The interface is easy and fun so it makes it very easy for them to understand. Parents can monitor the app and make sure the level is appropriate: you can change the number of good answers your kids need to get a reward for example. Teach Me Kindergarten is perfect for holidays, for kids to keep on exercising their brain and even improve, in a more relaxed and familiar environment. 


4. MathGirl: Number Garden

This app is really great because it is designed especially for little girls, from the design to the exercises themselves. Your daughter is going to love doing mathematics! MathGirl Number Garden offers basic math exercises for girls aged 3 to 7. Counting rabbits, flowers, trees and other pets will definitely makes math easier and more attractive to all little girls! I am not sure it can help improve the lack of women in engineering and computer science but from a kid app to a career, there is only training!


3. Little Red Riding Hood by Nosy Crow

Little Red Riding Hood is an app that takes on the classic fairy tale but allows your kids to choose different paths within the games and eventually different endings. This is a quest game designed for kids that has a fantastic story-telling and a rich, detailed design. How will it help your kids at school, you ask? Math isn’t everything: developing creativity is key to develop one’s brain and personality, especially for young children. The story is immersive and your kids are going to love it!


2. TicTic

TicTic is great app that helps you kids learn foreign languages. Before the age of 7, the brain of kids is like a sponge: it means that it is the perfect time to stimulate them with knowledge and languages. They will grasp the words very quickly and will start language class at school with a fair advance. TicTic is a little girl and she teaches English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Russian, even Thai and Japanese! 

1. Endless Alphabet

This app is perfect to teach alphabet to pre-schoolers. Endless Alphabet also teaches them words: an adorable monster-teacher is here to do the demonstration and explain the meaning of each word. What I like to the most about this app is that your kid can interact with the app at his or her own pace: there isn’t any time limit, score or points. It is just about learning new words! Great, right?


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If you want more information about all the apps you can download on your iPhone or Android smartphone, you can read this great article from The Guardian :


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