Friday, November 01, 2019

Malaysia’s First Kenny Rogers Roasters Drive-Thru Has Opened In Juru, Penang

There is some great news for the residents of Juru and Penang. Kenny Rogers Roasters has finally opened its first drive-through restaurant in Juru. If you are someone who frequently travels between Juru and Penang, then you should definitely check out some meals at this world-famous chain of restaurants. And yes, this chain of restaurants was started by the great musician Kenny Rogers.

Kenny took his love for food and decided to invest in the restaurant business. Kenny Rogers Roasters has always been a hit with food enthusiasts all around the world and now Malaysians can also taste their delicious and delightful offerings. Since its a drive-through restaurant, we decided to take our car and test the whole experience by ourselves. We can surely say that we were not disappointed. Both the food and the experience of eating from a drive-through restaurant were simply amazing. So let's get started and see why you should visit Kenny Rogers Roasters today.

As we looked at the Kenny Rogers Roasters menu, we noticed the attention to detail that went into designing it. Someone who is putting so much effort into designing the menu is surely going to put in greater effort in preparing the dishes. We must say, the menu got us all excited and the hunger grew even more. Kenny rogers roasters menu is also available in FoodPanda Malaysia for online order. You can enjoy these delicious foods from your home and workplace in fast delivery.

We started by ordering a country-style chicken soup. We were not expecting much from this dish as its just a simple soup. But we were pleasantly surprised. The soup was much tastier than our expectations. We ordered one soup but found that the serving is large enough to serve two people so we ended up sharing it. With the soup bowl, you also get a piece of garlic bread. Both the bread and soup were top-notch in terms of quality. Perhaps the garnishing and seasoning of the soup played a major role in its taste. The perfect mix of spices made its aroma tickle our taste buds.

For the main course, we ordered the signature dish - La Carte Chicken. Kenny Rogers Roasters markets their sauce extensively and the highlight of this dish was that it is served with their signature inhouse sauce. For sides, we decided to order a Bean salad, mashed potatoes with gravy and some rice. Some people might say what are you doing with the rice here. To some people, it can sound odd that we are taking rice with roasted chicken. And to some point, they are right too. Rice mostly goes well with gravy based dishes. But wait till you have rice at Kenny Rogers Roasters. This was no ordinary serving of rice. It was full of aroma and we ended up eating all of it along with the gravy that came with mashed potatoes. 

In the beginning, we thought that the mashed potatoes would taste even better if the seasoning was a bit more aggressive. But when you consider the fact that mashed potatoes were supposed to be had with the gravy then it makes perfect sense. The seasoning on both the mashed potatoes and the Bean Salad was moderate. We have noticed it that sometimes too much seasoning can also spoil the taste. Coming to the star of the show, the chicken was so tasty that we cannot find enough words to describe our happiness. It was roasted to perfection. It was like a flood of flavors that overwhelmed our senses. It was soft, juicy and perfectly marinated. The seasoning was just perfect and complimented the chicken and other flavors. Our advice, order two chicken, eat one at the drive-in and the other at home. 


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